kunz Live 2022.08.21

Live 2022.08.21

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Advecting Lines via Pyro

2022 08 21 v007.gif

Scene File

Get the Houdini scene here: data_disk_sim_007.hiplc


Simple setup where a particle simulation is driven by pyro velocity field. The geometry in the particle simulation is continuously resampled using a sop solver to maintain evenly spaced line segments and prevent some spiking artifacts.

I use some simple VEX code to only allow velocities in the vel field in areas above a certain threshold. This helps keep some parts of the line structure rigid and intact while other areas above the threshold are free to move.

v@vel *= length(@vel)>.005;

After the simulation, the curves get their normal by sampling the velocity field from the pyro sim. This gives you a consistent (non-flickering) orientation of the curves when you render them.

Screenshot at 2022-09-06 09-30-43.png

Video On Demand

  • 00:00 Scene Setup
  • 03:30 Particle Sim Setup
  • 11:50 Pyro Smoke Sim Setup
  • 21:00 Bringing Vel Field into Particle Sim
  • 40:00 Tweaking Simulation Parameters
  • 1:52:00 Redshift Lighting Setup
  • 2:15:00 Redshift PostFX
  • 2:17:51 Rendering a Quick Preview Animation
  • 2:29:00 Wrapping Up

Additional Scene Files




Additional Images

2022 08 21 v007.jpg

2022 08 21 v010.jpg

2022 08 21 v008.jpg